Disruptive Publishing

  • Torrid Tales

    L. Erectus Mentalus

  • Counterfeit Whore

    Robert Moore

  • Lesbian Legacy

    Colin Barton

  • Female Perversion in Marriage

    Anthony Crowell

  • Spanking Today

    Will Henry

  • The English Governess

    Miles Underwood

  • A Night In A Moorish Harem

    Lord George Herbert

  • Sodom

    John Wilmot

  • Miss Coote's Confession

    Anon Anonymous

  • Houses of Joy

    Wu Wu Ming

  • Misfortunes of an English Lady

    Charlton Rodgers

  • The Debauched Hospodar

    Guillaume Apollinaire

  • The Merry Order of St. Bridget

    M. Anson

  • Adam And Eve

    Marcus Van Heller

  • Maude Cameron And Her Guardian

    Anon Anonymous

  • The Autobiography of A Flea

    Anon Anonymous

  • Kidnap

    Marcus Van Heller

  • Who Pushed Paula?

    Akbar del Piombo

  • Fortune Stick

    Bob Stanley

  • Under The Hill

    Miles Underwood

  • Gin and Lime Street

    Adam Aymes

  • Flowers of Hell

    Morgan Drake

  • Golden Balls

    Hero Haubold

  • The Graduate Mistress

    Kenneth Gunnell