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  • The DK French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary introduces the vocabulary of the modern world through themed chapters filled with full-colour photographs and artworks which display and label all elements of everyday life. With sections ranging from home and work to leisure and the environment, every item is clearly labelled in French with the translation directly below.The French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is a colourful and stimulating learning resource ideal for all levels and ages. With more than 6,000 terms annotated, the illustrations in the dictionary provide a quick and intuitive route to learning a language, defining the words visually so it is easier to remember them. Learning French has never been easier!

  • An epic guide to the most intrepid mountaineers in history Written in association with the Royal Geographical Society and The Alpine Club, Mountaineers tells the story of the pioneers who first conquered the giddy heights of our planet. Full of great tales of endurance and perseverance, more than 100 of the top mountaineers are profiled, from Hannibal to Hillary. Share in their triumphs and tragedies from the comfort of your living room as journal extracts and neverbeforeseen photographs and maps from the unpublished archives of the RGS and The Alpine Club help recreate historyyes'>#39;s greatest ascents.

    Mountaineers introduces you to a host of intriguing characters, from the Brits who insisted on hauling cases of vintage champagne up to Everest base camp in 1924, to the Italian Duke of the Abruzzi who took 10 iron bedsteads up Alaskayes'>#39;s Malaspina glacier. Along the way youyes'>#39;ll also find out about the important scientific discoveries that have shaped the course of human history and enjoy accounts of great bravery, fellowship and good humour in the face of adversity, all making Mountaineers a fascinating read for anyone with a spirit of adventure.

  • Anglais Quickies

    Tracey Cox

    Quick to climax tips and techniques for busy couples from sexpert Tracey Cox. Provocative and fun, Quickies suggests and shows all the moves to get you and your partner in the mood, fast. From the park to the office, discover the most risqué places to get it on without getting caught

  • Met someone special and want to make sure it stays lusty long-term? Hoping to reach into the deep-freeze and thaw a near-frozen sex life?

    Superhotsex is for anyone who's ever asked 'Is it really possible to make love to the same person for the rest of your life ; happily?' The answer is yes.

    Loaded with lashings of wicked real-life fantasies and tricks for your fingers, tongue and other parts, Superhotsex is a crash course in how to take your sex life from dull to daring. Written in Tracey's characteristic chatty, funny and anecdotal style, there's everything from a stroke-by-stroke guide to spanking and the six all-time best outdoor sex experiences, to tips on how to get a fantasy from your head into your bed and crucial, cunning ploys to get what you want without ever upsetting or offending your partner.

    Funny, intelligent and stylishly photographed, using humour, inventive ideas and could-and-would-do tips and techniques, Tracey Cox gently but firmly prods you out of your sexual comfort zone to reinvent your love lif

  • Anglais Frog

    Thomas Marent

    Discover the diversity and beauty of frogs with Thomas Marent Stunning original images by Thomas Marent, photographer and author of Butterfly and the award-winning Rainforest, celebrate the colourful diversity, distinctive behaviour, and unique lifecycle of amphibians ; frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts.

    Over 500 captivating images reveal the enigmatic and fragile world of frogs and their relatives to create a visual testament to a fascinating group of species that are vanishing from our planet at an alarming rate.

    Published to coincide with the Year of the Frog, a global campaign to save these endangered creatures from extinction

  • Anglais Pony


    Read this together with your toddler and find out how a wobbly foal grows into a sure-footed pony.

    Watch the foal get bigger in fantastic photographs bursting with colour, and share easy-to-follow words ideal for reading out loud to the very young.

    Plus, there are special pony stickers for lots of interactive, furry fun

  • 1001 ways to boost fitness, tone up and be positive about your body shape Want to be fitter and healthier, but struggling for time and ideas? Here are 1001 simple ways to get your body in shape whatever your age or lifestyle.

    Packed with simple exercise routines and activities that absolutely everyone can enjoy; from using a pedometer to more unusual ideas like taking up skating or a floor-scrubbing workout. Discover how positive thinking can help you get in shape and learn to boost your happiness and self-confidence. Plus, find quick-fix healthy recipes, pampering products and motivational diet tips.

    Nothing radical, punishing or expensive: just bite-sized tips for getting in shape, feeling fantastic and staying that way

  • Anglais 100% Me


    As kids grow up and reach puberty, their bodies start to change and develop; they’re bound to have all kinds of questions – but what exactly is happening?

    From growth spurts to sex education this straight-talking but fun guide to how girls and boys grow up will tell your child everything they need to know. Packed with cool graphics, quizzes and loads of answers to common questions, they’ll find out what to expect as their mind and body changes.

    With a funky boy or girl jacket, it’ll appeal to everyone

  • Anglais 1000 CEOs


    From moguls to maverick CEOs, learn their secrets, share their success From safe hands to young turks, risk takers to innovators - get the instant profiles of 1,000 of the world's best CEOs. Definitive biographies deliver all the essential information on each CEO's career, their highs, lows, management style, vision and distilled wisdom, providing vital lessons that will give YOU the competitive advantage.

    Pick up tips from the icons of business, from Bill Gates to Lou Gernster. Draw on the experiences of big partnerships and family dynasties and find out how the likes of Steve Jobs make innovation essential. Plus, discover things you can do NOW - from motivation to how to handle a crisis.

    Incisive, insightful and inspiring, this is your chance to meet and learn from the CEO's leading the business world

  • Anglais 1000 CEOs

    From moguls to maverick CEOs, learn their secrets, share their success From safe hands to young turks, risk takers to innovators - get the instant profiles of 1,000 of the world's best CEOs. Definitive biographies deliver all the essential information on

  • Develop your skills, realise your full potential and make your life work From analysing your environment to implementing plans, equip yourself to become a master strategist. Includes practical techniques, effective tips, 5-minute fixes and case studies to equip you to succeed in the real world, plus set your goals and check progress with simple self-assessment exercises.

    Follow as a complete course, or dip in and out of topics of particular interest.

    Pocket-sized – take it wherever life takes you

  • A practical guide to the digital revolution which will give you the information and skills to succeed Learn more about the digital revolution, you'll find out how to assess online opportunities, plan your strategy and succeed in the digital sector.

    Tables, illustrations and 'In Focus' panels on what to do in a particular situation, plus real-life case studies demonstrate how to understand technology, set up and maintain a website, analyse data and reach new markets. Read it cover-to-cover, or dip in and out of topics for quick reference

  • Based on erotic positions from classic texts of ancient wisdom this is the classic sex guide for lovers of all ages - the inspirational new sex manual for 21st century lovers. Sensual photography illustrates a range of positions and practices that have been tried and tested through the ages - there's something for everyone

  • Serious board-talking...

    From the Push Off, to the Tick Tack Attack, from the Backside Ollie Grab to the Pop Shove It - whether you skateboard already and just want some insider tips, or you are interested in learning from scratch, this book is for you. Discover everything you need to know, from basic techniques to advanced skills and tactics. Includes:

    A look at the best equipment to buy How to choose a board and look after it properly Customising equipment Skate competitions and skate parks around the world Learn from the best! Pick up tricks from the experts, get up close to some extreme images of top stars in action and get some info on the history of boarding

  • Transform your life by developing confidence with strategies to ensure success.

    Includes solutions to key issues from how to project confidence to finding the confidence within, 5-minute fixes and high-impact techniques, plus a simple self-assessment exercise to help monitor progress Follow as a complete course, or dip in and out of topics of particular interest Pocket-sized - take it wherever life takes yo

  • Follow in the footsteps of the world’s great explorers – incredible see-through pages take you across deserts, to the top of Everest and beyond What’s it like to be an explorer and sail into the unknown, go on a journey that takes three-and-a-half years, or walk on the moon? Send your child on an incredible voyage of discovery and excitement to find out.

    Explore the fantastic see-through pages and follow the greatest explorers on their epic journeys. Then click to find out more about the wildlife, habitats and people they encountered. It's a thrilling interactive adventure

  • This awe-inspiring collection of over 500 amazing photographs will open your eyes to the wonders of life under the canopy.

    The result of nature photographer, Thomas Marent's 16-year journey across five continents, Rainforest celebrates the fascinating behaviour and incredible variety of rainforest animals and plants ; from resourceful leaf-cutter ants to the multi-hued clouds of butterflies and birds that flutter high in the tree tops. Incredibly, more is known about our universe than the millions of plant and animal species that teem inside these great hothouses of life.

    Rainforest takes you inside this mysterious realm, with breathtaking photographs and absorbing personal insight. Published in association with the Rainforest Foundation, who receive a donation for every copy sold

  • Recapture the riot of colour, style, and innovative design that defined the 1960s with collectables expert Judith Miller. Over 450 classic, retro and fun items - from furniture and fashion to toys and technology. Includes iconic pieces from Biba, Fornasetti, and Verner Panton with a star-rating system indicating the value of every item. The perfect guide for all those who were there - or wish they were

  • Featuring every aspect of whisky, this Eyewitness Companion is the whisky lover's dream. Laying out the bare facts, Whisky deals with everything from tasting to production techniques, from origins to distilleries, to cocktail recipes. Whether you want to research more about your favourite whisky or distillery, or you want to discover an untapped gem, with other 150 varieties this book holds all the information you need. Formatted into a pocket-size guide, Whisky can be enjoyed at your leisure, be it at a restaurant, a whisky shop, or even on a trip to a distillery

  • An anniversary edition of BKS Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, to celebrate BKS Iyengar's 90th birthday in January 2008. Contains 30 pages of all-new material and features an introductory celebration of BKS Iyengar's life and teachings.

  • Explore cheese in its many glorious varieties - the science, the smells, the succulence!

    The grandest fromages, the finest Feta, the most delicious Manchego: celebrate the glorious variety, quality and pleasure of great cheeses from around the world.

    You'll find detailed profiles of over 800 cheeses from France to Australia. Develop an in-depth understanding of different cheese - from its provenance, to the producers, science, smells, and how to savour each taste. Plus, discover what to buy, where and how to serve it.

    No cheese lover should be without it

  • A practical ebook to motivating people which will give you the information and skills to succeed Find out how to maximise the effectiveness of your business by motivating your staff and enabling them to flourish. You'll learn how to encourage teamwork and deal with de-motivated staff.

    Tables, illustrations, 'In Focus' panels on what to do in a particular situation, plus real-life case studies demonstrate how to help create the right motivational environment. Dip in and out of topics for quick reference. Handy tips in an ebook format - take it wherever your work takes you

  • A nationbynation guide to whisky, in ebook format Whisky: a drink that improves as it sleeps, the spirit that is the yes'>#39;water of lifeyes'>#39; itself. Explore its wonderful depth, variety, and complexity, its classics and exciting new forms with this unique guide to the worldyes'>#39;s best whiskies.

    Sample over 700 whiskies, with unrivalled tasting notes and information on malts, blends, and grains. Visit the best distilleries, discover their history and uncover the secrets of their craft.

    Take a tour around key regions, producers and pubs and raise a glass to the finest wee drams the world of whisky has to offer.

  • Discover the diversity and beauty of life in the wild through stunning photographs From the exquisite fragility of butterflies to the might and majesty of humpback whales, explore the incredible diversity of life on Earth in this lavishly illustrated celebration of the animal kingdom.

    Packed with awe-inspiring images of hundreds of species from some of the world's top wildlife photographers