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  • The last volume of this magnificent collection, which includes the final three books of the main saga, bringing to a close the adventures of Valerian, Laureline and the vanished Earth in style.

  • IAN T.4 ; metanoia


    • Cinebook
    • 19 Septembre 2018

    Ian will have to choose a side now - AIs or Humans... A year has passed since the Los Angeles riots, but Ian is still being hunted by the Pentagon. Extremely hostile treatment by the media has also made him a favoured target of a majority of American citizens. Tracked down by an ambitious reporter, the android gets in touch with an eccentric billionaire who promises to tell him what the Nome is - that super-powerful artificial entity with whom he seems to have a mysterious bond... A merciless cascade of new revelations follows...

  • Rob's found his father, alive and moderately well after four years of
    physical and mental torture. But the happy reunion is cut short when
    the Clown makes contact with them. Unexpectedly, it's to offer them a
    deal: Alex will do one last job for him, then father and son can go,
    free and with the assurance of never being bothered by the KGB again.
    Inevitably, no one really believes the offer, and the last round of a
    deadly game begins ...

  • Prudence Endicott is the daughter of London's Conciliator - the voice
    and hope of the little people. Will she be able to pick up the torch
    after her mother dies? Volume 1 of 2. After many years abroad,
    Prudence Endicott is back in England to bury her mother. Hired as a
    nanny by a wealthy London family, the young woman immediately begins
    to spend her nights in the more popular neighbourhoods ... For Miss
    Endicott is now the new Conciliator, she who helps the poor and the
    humble to solve their problems when society ignores them. A difficult
    task - especially as something sinister appears to be brewing
    underneath London ...

  • Prudence Endicott is the daughter of London's Conciliator - the voice
    and hope of the little people. Will she be able to pick up the torch
    after her mother dies? Volume 2 of 2. Miss Endicott's life as a
    Conciliator is off to a bad start: a strange plot is being hatched in
    the tunnels beneath London, her headquarters have been torched, the
    child whose nanny she is by day has disappeared while following her
    at night ... and to top it all, her mother, whom everyone believed
    dead, has reappeared! A blessing, or a curse? Can two Conciliators
    together defeat the mysterious master - assuming two Conciliators
    could ever work together?

  • Belarus, in Soviet times. Irina is an unremarkable young woman growing up in an orphanage. One night, a mysterious visitor demands to see her and her best friend Julia. The latter goes first, then Irina is told she won't be needed after all. The next day, Julia has vanished without a trace... Thus begins a quest for truth and vengeance, from Minsk to Moscow to Washington ? one that will lead Irina to discover her true calling.

  • In a world devastated by Man, a rich minority lives in luxury inside
    fortress-cities protected by elite troops, while what's left of
    humanity toils in slavery for them. Volume 3 of 3. The mission to
    break the siege of Tel Aviv ended in disaster - two dead, and the
    rest of the team captured. But as the prisoners await their fate,
    they're suddenly confronted to the terrible reality of their world -
    most notably the fact that they don't seem to be fighting for the
    side of angels. Will they be able to adapt to this new truth and make
    the right choices - assuming there are still right choices?

  • In a world devastated by Man, a rich minority lives in luxury inside
    fortress-cities protected by elite troops, while what's left of
    humanity toils in slavery for them. Volume 2 of 3. As far his men are
    concerned, Vivian is fully recovered from his accident and long coma.
    An opinion that is not fully shared by Rachel, the team's new
    psychologist ... and Vivian's ex-girlfriend! Personal entanglements
    aside, the team leader does still have those disturbing apocalyptic
    dreams - and then there's that `Blue Parrot' sign that seems to haunt
    him. A new mission to the Middle East might bring some answers at
    last ... but will they be welcome?

  • Chicago, the Seventies. Life is tough when you're an orphan in the streets ? and even more so if you're black. Little Jones, 10, doesn't even know her real name. All she has is a brother who flirts with the Black Panthers, a streak of cunning and determination a mile wide, and a dream: that of some day enlisting into the Army. A chance encounter with war hero Major Whittaker will change her life forever...

  • Colonel Amos is the head of the FBI's Counterterrorism Division. His current investigation sends him on the trail of an agent of Mossad - Israeli intelligence. The ensuing operation - a joint FBI/CIA effort - will prove to be a difficult one. Not only because of the agent's skill, or because the colonel and his CIA counterpart Giordino don't get along, but also because before coming to the USA, Samuel Amos was a founding member of Mossad...

  • Trent 8 - Little Trent


    While Agnes is in Europe to visit family, Trent is given a somewhat unusual mission: to escort a woman to her father's home. Mrs Taylor has left her husband - a man that alcohol turns horribly violent - and is now taking their son to safety at his grandfather's - a former senator. Tasked with protecting them, Trent takes a liking to young Jeremy, and begins to dream of his own Little Trent with Agnes - until the father tracks them down...

  • Trent 7 - Miss


    It's the best day of Trent's life: he is finally marrying the beautiful Agnes, after so many years! But there, among the crowd of family and friends cheering the newlyweds, a face from his past casts a pall over his happiness. Other signs eventually confirm it: Miss is back. Helen Dorwell - an alluring and mysterious thief and anarchist ... and Trent's former mistress. With her in town, the honeymoon could quickly turn into a nightmare...

  • Jolan, having triumphed in the trials set by his new master Manthor,
    is now the Chosen One. At last his true mission is revealed: no less
    than storming Asgard in order to restore the immortality of Manthor's
    mother, a goddess who was cast out! While he leads his army of rag
    dolls to the realm of the gods, Thorgal follows the trail of the Red
    Mages who kidnapped his other son, Aniel, the child he had with Kriss
    of Valnor.

  • In a not-so-distant future, mankind's greed and short-sightedness
    have exhausted the planet. The vast majority of the population lives
    in misery among the ruins of civilisation, while a small, privileged
    minority continues to enjoy a luxurious existence inside a few
    fortress-cities scattered around the globe, the Enclaves. Vivian is a
    member of the elite forces that protect this utopia - but also
    regularly hunt down and capture people from outside the walls to use
    as cheap, forced labour ...

  • He's a disturbing fellow, that Billy. A man with the face of an angel
    with whom XIII briefly shares a cell during his incarceration in a
    prison for the criminally insane ... A kid you couldn't believe guilty
    of anything - yet who soon reveals that behind bars is exactly where
    he belongs. Find out, now, what Billy Stockton was convicted of, but
    also why, exactly, he happened to be in that exact prison at the same
    time as XIII ...

  • While Jolan and his companions finally learn from Manthor what their
    grand destiny will be, Thorgal is still on the trail of the men who
    kidnapped his other son, Aniel. Along with jolly mercenary Petrov, he
    sails down a frozen river aboard a Blade Ship - a trade vessel
    equipped with heavy metal blades to break the ice. The journey is
    fraught with dangers - storms, raiders, spies, wild animals ... and a
    group of shipwrecked Vikings looking for a mysterious chest ...

  • Steve Rowland. It's under that name that XIII received the fateful
    wound that deprived him of his memories, while attempting to
    infiltrate the Conspiracy of the XX. By then the real Rowland was
    already dead, breathing his last in his wife Kim Carrington's arms.
    But what had driven that man, a patriot and war hero, to betray his
    government? What events, what trauma - what manipulations - had made
    him into someone capable of assassinating the President of the United

  • XIII Mystery - Volume 7

    Joël Callède

    • Cinebook
    • 20 Novembre 2020

    Betty Barnowsky's life, after crossing path with danger-magnet XIII,
    eventually reached calmer waters and a happy ending when she married
    Armand, the French aristocrat. But it wasn't smooth sailing all the
    way! After all, before playing supporting character to the amnesiac
    and becoming a marquise, Betty was a member of the elite SPADS in her
    own right - a unit corrupted by its traitorous commander McCall, and
    which General Carrington wants to clean up thoroughly ...

  • After the icy North, Thorgal and his companions now face the
    oppressive heat of the Middle East. On the road to Bag Dadh, the
    reluctant hero has got dangerously close to the bewitching Saluma,
    who tells him the story of the Red Mages - the very same who
    kidnapped his son Aniel. It doesn't take long for Thorgal to realise
    that he isn't mixed up in a simple crime, but rather in political
    machinations that could determine the future of the entire, sprawling

  • XIII Mystery - Volume 8

    Colin Wilson

    • Cinebook
    • 17 Décembre 2020

    Martha Shoebridge has the best job in the world: she helps women give
    birth. But when this workaholic obstetrician meets the handsome
    senator from Delaware, William Sheridan, her heart leaps ... and her
    life is changed forever, for the world she enters then is without
    mercy. Political ambitions trump all; everyone lies, everyone tries
    to manipulate someone, everyone schemes. So begins the slow descent
    into hell that will eventually put her in XIII's path ...

  • Jolan and his new companions have arrived safely in Manthor's home.
    However, harmony isn't the word yet, and the instructions from their
    new master don't help: their next task can only be accomplished if
    all five of them work together to open a magical gate, but once
    they're past that obstacle, only one of them can become the Chosen
    one - and that by stealing no less than Thor's own shield! Can any of
    them even do it on their own?

  • Mutations - Episode 1 Nouv.

    After a global environmental disaster, mankind has rebuilt, but its
    demons are still there. Greed, arrogance ... Romane Pennac fights those
    who would abuse nature once again. Volume 1 of 2 of this sequel to
    Mermaid Project. Two years have passed since the event of Mermaid
    Project, and Romane and Brahim have paid the price of their courage
    and integrity. Ignored, even censored, by their superiors, they're
    now reduced to taking lousy private eye jobs to earn a living.
    Meanwhile, though, the same cetaceans whose advanced intelligence the
    UN had refused to believe in are attacking fishing trawlers ... with
    rockets! Before long, the authorities ask our two investigators to
    take their old jobs back ...

  • Series - lonesome 1 - the preacher's trail - vol01 Nouv.

    A relentless lone rider with strange powers is hunting a sadistic
    criminal and the powerful men that protect him and use him to start a
    devastating war in the United States. The first volume of a Western
    with supernatural overtones. Kansas, 1861. As tensions rise between
    the Northern and Southern states, a fanatical, violent preacher
    leaves a trail of corpses behind him, all the while calling people to
    take up arms against pro-slavery states. Close on his tail is a lone
    rider with a strange gift: he can read the past and future of those
    he touches. In the small town of Holton, a showdown is brewing, but
    things aren't as straightforward as they seem ...

  • History - the regiment - the true story of the sas book 3 - vol03 Nouv.

    Despite the heroic efforts of L Detachment, the unit's victories
    haven't managed to stop the advance of the German war machine. Soon,
    Rommel is at the gates of Egypt, and losses mount among David
    Stirling and Paddy Mayne's men - some crueller than others. In the
    end, they will have to reinvent themselves and give everything to
    push back the Desert Fox and earn their name at last: The Special Air